11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media in 2009 | Design And Marketing Blog


11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media in 2009 | Design And Marketing Blog

PageRank Use this code to link!

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Don't know how page rank works?

That's OK, for now...

Just use this code when linking to an outside website....for sure!
For viewing purposes....I couldn't enclose in brackets...for web view...so enclose in brackets...

Enclose in these brackets: < >

a href="http://www.website.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">linking text

linking text

Also...make sure the linking text has something to do with the website title.

PageRank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOne more tip...don't use this code when linking to posts on your own blog!! Very important.

70 top tips to generate blog traffic


70 top tips to generate blog traffic: "Traffic is the key to success of any blog and blogger. It is the measure of success of a blog. One of the greatest advices that I usually give to other bloggers is- 'Be involved in building traffic first. Everything else come along with traffic.'

No matter what your objectives as a blogger are, you have to think in terms of traffic and visitors. In today's post I will tell you 75 traffic generation techniques that I learned while blogging.Here is the list-"

How your Tweets and Twitter followers are correlated? [Case Study]


How your Tweets and Twitter followers are correlated? [Case Study]: "During these one week I noticed some specific type of tweets getting me more followers than others. Furthermore, this has been a repetitive phenomenon ,meaning this phenomenon has been reproducible time and again. This led me to think that there certainly is some correlation between tweets and follower number."

This stuff appears on home pageThis is the stuff that appears only after hitting more

Twitter Hack: How?


Twitter Hack: How It Happened and What's Being Done - � MSN Tech & Gadgets - News and Features

TipBase: Get Great Tips Online


This is a cool site. It is all about sharing tips with other internet users. And these are tips of all sorts, from health to travel to internet and computers.
Example tips include: how to record internet radio, how to quit smoking and even how to sell art online.
Interesting site. We'll see how well it does, as it is only in beta.

Read the NewsFactor review here:
NewsFactor Network | Best Blogs: TIPBASE

No Facebook Version of Paypal Anytime Soon


Good. All we need is another rip-off version of Paypal that charges transaction fees to pay over the Internet.

I think this would downgrade the facebook brand. Its not their place or their brand.

I'm glad it's not a priority.

Read the story here : News