Own a Business or Brand? Get a Page on Facebook!

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Own a business? 

Manage a brand?
Provide a service?

Yes? Keep reading.

Do you have a website? 
(if yes, good start)
Do you have a blog? 
(if yes, great start!)

Are you on facebook with a business page and group??


Let's chat.

If you are in charge of a business, a brand or even a professional service-you have got to get on facebook. It is a no brainer.

Why, you ask?

If you have a page and/or group for your service or business online for facebook you can do the following:

-update daily specials
-import notes from your business blog
-allow current and future customers to become 'a fan' of your business
-allow discussion amongst fans (moderated by you)
-update specials and provide discounts to your fb fans.
-remind your fans of menu updates, special events and news from your business
-its FREE advertising....need I say more.

Another reason to get on FB. Facebook use has increased. People are not strolling the streets checking out new businesses. People are not browsing their phonebook. People are online.

One study suggested: Workers spend up to an hour of their workday on social networking sites like facebook. And that's only while at work!

So after you have created a facebook account for yourself, as the owner of your business

create a PAGE, an AD, and even a GROUP!

...invite some friends to join, promote the pages on your business blog/website...

and watch the FANS roll in.

...and more FANS=more CUSTOMERS.

A few good examples of businesses who have Facebook pages are here:

Design Within Reach
Haagan Dazs