Facebook 101

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So you want to join facebook, but don't know the first steps to take?

Its very simple, follow these easy steps to opening your account:

1. Open a new account.
Use your real name, usable email and don't skimp on info. You can always update your privacy settings later.

2. Upload a photo of your face.
No one wants to network with a faceless friend. Upload 1-10 photos of your face. You can also include photos you like, photos with friends, photos of pets. Choose the best photos of yourself. Duh.

3. Fill in your info.
Don't feel pressure to rite your whole life story But include things like relationship status, your job, age, location. These are very normal stats that help people know you online. Again, no one wants to be friends with someone who doesn't share a little info about themselves. Also very important, add your networks. Meaning where you went to school, college, hometown, current town and places of work past in present. This will help you connect to people you know and knew!

4. Join Some Groups
Groups are a great way to express your likes while also joining communities you enjoy.

5. Become a Fan
Like the beach? Become a fan of the beach page. Like sleep? Become a fan. You can be a fan of everything from movies, celebrities, literature, consumer products, brands and even places.
Might I suggest a great group called The Lunchbox Bunch.

6. Find Your Friends
Now that you are a whole online person, you can start finding your friends. Real ones. You already know in real life. Search based on schools, colleges, workplaces and even cities. You can also find friends using your current email contacts. There is an easy box on the right side of your screen when you click on the friend finder.

7. Sit Back and View your PROFILE.
Click on PROFILE and look at yourself! Do you like what you see? If not, simply edit as you please.

8. Privacy Settings
Very important. You will want to customize your privacy settings. I don't recommend hiding EVERYTHING from non-friends. But a little discretion is a very good thing online. Also, edit the privacy settings of your photos. You can customize the setting on each album.

Questions? Search the help section. You can also always post a question in the comments section for me to respond to.