Nudity the Norm Online for Teens?

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Today the ladies of The View discussed a survey released by that states that 22% of young girls have posted or emailed nude or semi-nude photos of themselves online. Students used to be "kicked out of school' for this behavior", said Barbara Walters, "But now they are not."

Walters then proceeded to state that these girls will find it very tough to get a job or get into grad school. But I ask, if this is the norm, will everyone be penalized for a few risque photos online? I know of some very intelligent and even professionally genius people who have a few questionable party photos of themselves online.
So are the norms of society changing? Similar to say, the acceptance of divorce or interracial marriages in our culture? Or is this merely a testing, experimentation period of time where youth has not yet learned the proper and healthiest boundaries to abide by online? Similar to, say the sixties drug revolution where an overwhelming number of youth experimented with drugs as a somewhat accepted cultural norm.

So what do you think about this? Are teens allowed to experiment--or are parents not doing their job? Or is this the new norm?

Read the full report here.