Social Network Now Services for You

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So over the past year I have received a lot of inquiries from friends and associates who need help getting online and into the social networking game. But most of all, businesses have trouble maintaining their social networking. So you you need a Queen Bee to keep your networks up to date. I am your girl. Thus, I have decided to provide a few services for those of you who need some help.

I will give your business, brand or service my personal consultation so that the image you project online is the image that sells your brand well. You have complete creative control over the images, text and insights shared on your social networks. I will simply help you along and do all the "DIRTY WORK" for you. Think of me as your....

"Social Newtworking Concierge and Manager."

Here are the details:

PACKAGE 1: "The Basics" (Must have website and/or blog in tact)
-Secure accounts in the following,
-Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yelp, BlogCatalog, (all relevant SN sites)

Plus daily updates and maintenance. I will update all your social networks by checking your website and blog. If you are local, I will make monthly trips to your location. Communication on a weekly to daily basis is available via email.
Updates such as: special menus, sales, events, specials, news ect.

PACKAGE 1 "The Basics" Rate:
Weekly: *$50 flat fee + $100/week
Monthly: *no flat rate + $350/month
6 month: *no flat rate + $1,700/6 months

PACKAGE 2: "The Basics + Blog"
The same as above, plus I will assist you in setting up and blog and/or updating your blog.
Package 1 "The Basics" Rate:
Weekly: *$75 flat rate +$175/week
Monthly: *no flat rate +$500/month
6 month: *no flat rate + $2,300/ 6 month