Facebook Blamed for Low Reunion Turnout

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This an interesting article about how people are deciding NOT to attend their high school and college reunions simply because they can satisfy their curiosity on facebook. Ten year reunions have been the hardest hit.

It's true. If you can view, interact and gawk at your once classmates, why show up at a live party with the in-person faces? Heck, you could save hundreds on travel reservations and dining if you simply stay online.

In fact, why not just hold an online chatroom reunion and save thousands on an actual LIVE reunion!

...I hope you can note the sarcasm in my text.

I certainly think that people can create an un-realistic online perception. And you certainly can't give someone a hug online. (Or a good snarling eye roll to that bully whose once fit physique has turned to mush.)

But do read the entire article here:

Turnout falls for 10th reunions; Facebook effect?

Here's an excerpt:

""They're just not going to their reunions as much," said Wanda Diroll, who owns Creative Reunions in Torrance, Calif., and is also president of the National Association of Reunion Managers.
Professional reunion planners aim to get 30 percent of a graduating class at the gatherings. While 20-, 40- and 50-year reunions remain popular, at least four association members have stopped planning 10-year reunions altogether, Diroll said."