Feedburner 101: To Burn or Not to Burn?

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So everyone keeps telling me to transfer all my blogger feeds to feedburner. Today I did.
The process was one where I do a lot of work and in the end, wonder what it was all for.

Well you may not ever understand the value of feedburner versus your automatic feed via your blog application. But my review is that switching to feeburner IS worth is.


Well, for one thing, you used to have to pay for the service. Since being acquired by google, it is free.

Secondly, feedburner allows more people to access your feed. I could explain the nitty gritty details, but I won't. You can read all about the techie details on feedburners site.

So HOW do you get started?
First simply got to www.feedburner.com
Next, type in your blog address.
(pretty simple, eh?)
Next, follow the process through the end. Don't worry about all the text referencing the many widgets smidgets and options available to your new feed account...
(that comes later)
Once you are done, go to the My Feeds section of your account. Locate your feed and copy it, write it down, remember it.

IMPORTANT! Log into your blogger or wordpress account and locate your site feed info. You will need to RE-DIRECT your current feed to your new feedburner address.

Do this, and you are done!

There is a plethora of bells and whistles you can play with on feedburner once you have some free time.

My review: Feedburner--YES!