Yelp 101. Are you a Yelper?

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Yelp is a great way to gain traffic to your blog or website.

No matter what topic you are trying to promote! (You don't have to have a 'foodie' blog to get some foodie fans.) I mean, who doesn't read Yelp reviews?

If you are not a fan, hop on the Yelp train my friends!

Yelp is a high traffic site. A lot like facebook, only it is all about reviews and opinions.

(You have an opinion right?)

So, how do you get Yelp to bring you traffic?

Create and account.

Write at least ten reviews. Make sure that they are funny, smart, cute, creative, brutally honest, or all of the above.

Then start networking! Follow a few yelpers. Get some yelp friends. Compliment other yelpers reviews.

Before you know it, you will have your own little social ring on yelp.

TIP: Review high interest things. Review the popular restaurants, services and shopping destinations in your city. When someone searches for "Katz's" in NYC. You want to make sure that your review is there. And that once they read your review they will be so impressed that they click on your profile and see all your stats...

....including your website or blog address.

TIP TWO: Join in "Talk" conversations. It is a great way to get people to review your profile.

That is the goal. You want people to see your profile and thus click on your link. Thus creating more traffic, more fans and more customers for your brand. Whatever it may be!

ENDING POINT: Yelp is mostly about DINING REVIEWS. And EVERYONE eats. You don't have to be writing about food on your blog or selling a food product to be on yelp. ANYONE can yelp. And guess what--its fun. And more often than not, yelpers are pretty accurate with their reviews. is a great resource for reviews, and for some social networking bliss.

Check out my profile and reviews on YELP.