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59 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog | TechnoBuzz.net

Weblogian Blog Ideas


Weblogian Top Secret Ways To Get Sound Traffic For Your Blog | Weblogian-Blog Tips for Pro Blogger And How To Make Money Online

3 Ways to Get Visibility To Your Blog


3 Best Free Ways To Get Quick Visibility To Your Blog

Increase Blog Traffic


This is a great list of ideas to boost blog traffic. My favorites include sites you can join and the idea to write a lot of "list" posts because those tend to get the most bookmarks, traffics and DIGGS.

The 10 Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

How to get traffic for your blog


This is a great list from seth's blog:

Seth's Blog: How to get traffic for your blog

Pizza Delivery Via Facebook - WSJ.com


Is this the end of social interaction as we know it?

Get a pizza.without even leavin facebook!

Pizza Delivery Via Facebook - WSJ.com

MapMyWalk.com - Map your Walks online!

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You can add your mapmywalk.com walks to twitter and facebook and more!

MapMyWalk.com - Map your Walks for Fitness and join our Community of Hikers. Walking Social Network. Calorie Counter, Pedometer, Distance, iPhone, and More.

Yahoo! Inc. Unveils Smarter Inbox


Yahoo is adding social networking features to its new interface. Sounds good.

But lets hope that Yahoo brushes up its spam filtering too. Those viagra ads in my inbox are driving me a little nuts! And the lottery announcements....I still haven't received my two million from the bank of doesn't-exist-island.

Yahoo! Inc. - Press Release

AOL and Yahoo Show that for Social Media, It's Still Open Season - 12/17/2008


Plenty of room for improvement in the social networking arena. Innovations still needed....

MediaPost Publications - AOL and Yahoo Show that for Social Media, It's Still Open Season - 12/17/2008

Bebo Launches 'Social Inbox' | AOL Corporate


Bebo Launches 'Social Inbox' | AOL Corporate

Are You a Facebook Addict?


The website beatingaddiction.com has a section for facebook users. In case you are someone who checks your notifications fifty times a day. Or hour.

Are You a Facebook Addict?

Twitter, Facebook, Digg: Can You Join Too Many Networks?

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Remember when some people had thousands of friends on MySpace and it was....just to many? Well maybe this will hapen for Twitter, DIGG and Facebook users too. Best to be careful, yet still active on these sites. Too many, too soon can tangle your networks. Don't you agree?

Full article here:

Twitter, Facebook, Digg: Can You Join Too Many Networks?

Twitter Account Suspended? You're Not Alone.

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My blog buddy recently had his thriving twitter account suspended due to "suspicious activity". This was because a number of users flagged his account. For no good reason.

Twitter needs to start reprimanding users who flag innocent twitter users.

I see that there are a lot of accounts put on hold. Many may not be correctly blocked.

And many users may not know what to do and just quit using their accounts. This then leaves thousands of orphan accounts that are seemingly still 'active' users. I hate following someone only to the notice "account suspended due to suspicious activity."

My blog buddy emailed twitter and explained that he had a surge in members and that was it. His account is fine now. But I hope twitter looks into this issue of orphaned accounts and bad flags...

Blog This! Button, For Anything!

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Wow this is awesome!

I have been raving about the Blog This features on DIGG and HUFFINGTON POST. But I found a link to let you BLOG THIS in blogger, where ever you are!



Twitter Gets Official

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Wow, twitter is getting quite the backing.

Maybe we will soon be tweeting our votes in elections. Maybe not.

Check this out:

"Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis decided to throw his hat in the ring to head the Republican Party, he announced his intentions on an unlikely forum: Twitter."


Easily Blog Your Own News Comments!

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Wow this is cool.

I came across an interesting feature on The Huffington Post today. It allows users to easily blog their written news article comments.

Simply create an account on THP. Then whenever you post a comment or her site you can check off an option to..

BLOG the comment!

An article backlink will be posted on your blog, along with your full comment.
The post will be seen immediately.

You can always add your own photo and edit the comment in blogger/your blog interface, later.

So cool.

See an example of a post I did HERE.

Another example below.

Using Twitter To Remote Control Your Home

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Twitter has so many uses that are yet to be discovered by its users.

For restaurants, they can tweet events, daily specials or even the current 'crowd' at their location.

Retail stores can tweet specials, coupons and even private twitter fan sales!

Bloggers can of course tweet their blogs using Twitterfeed.

And professionals can tweet about their business news, great for PR.

And green tweeting?
Well you can even get healthy tips tweeted to you as seen here: http://twitter.com/lunchboxbunch

About Environment
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Yelp 101. Are you a Yelper?

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Yelp is a great way to gain traffic to your blog or website.

No matter what topic you are trying to promote! (You don't have to have a 'foodie' blog to get some foodie fans.) I mean, who doesn't read Yelp reviews?

If you are not a Yelp.com fan, hop on the Yelp train my friends!

Yelp is a high traffic site. A lot like facebook, only it is all about reviews and opinions.

(You have an opinion right?)

So, how do you get Yelp to bring you traffic?

Create and account.

Write at least ten reviews. Make sure that they are funny, smart, cute, creative, brutally honest, or all of the above.

Then start networking! Follow a few yelpers. Get some yelp friends. Compliment other yelpers reviews.

Before you know it, you will have your own little social ring on yelp.

TIP: Review high interest things. Review the popular restaurants, services and shopping destinations in your city. When someone searches for "Katz's" in NYC. You want to make sure that your review is there. And that once they read your review they will be so impressed that they click on your profile and see all your stats...

....including your website or blog address.

TIP TWO: Join in "Talk" conversations. It is a great way to get people to review your profile.

That is the goal. You want people to see your profile and thus click on your link. Thus creating more traffic, more fans and more customers for your brand. Whatever it may be!

ENDING POINT: Yelp is mostly about DINING REVIEWS. And EVERYONE eats. You don't have to be writing about food on your blog or selling a food product to be on yelp. ANYONE can yelp. And guess what--its fun. And more often than not, yelpers are pretty accurate with their reviews.

Yelp.com is a great resource for reviews, and for some social networking bliss.

Check out my profile and reviews on YELP.

Twitter Tricks. 500 Followers Video.

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So I was quite impressed by this YouTube video about a few twitter tricks. It claims that it shows you how to get 500 Twitter followers in 24 hours. I think its possible, but I'm not a fan of adding tons of people in a short period of time. Sometimes its better to gather true fans who are actually paying attention to your tweets.

Nonetheless, this guy Gabe does a great job on his YouTube channel....

Nudity the Norm Online for Teens?

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Today the ladies of The View discussed a survey released by CosmoGirl.com that states that 22% of young girls have posted or emailed nude or semi-nude photos of themselves online. Students used to be "kicked out of school' for this behavior", said Barbara Walters, "But now they are not."

Walters then proceeded to state that these girls will find it very tough to get a job or get into grad school. But I ask, if this is the norm, will everyone be penalized for a few risque photos online? I know of some very intelligent and even professionally genius people who have a few questionable party photos of themselves online.
So are the norms of society changing? Similar to say, the acceptance of divorce or interracial marriages in our culture? Or is this merely a testing, experimentation period of time where youth has not yet learned the proper and healthiest boundaries to abide by online? Similar to, say the sixties drug revolution where an overwhelming number of youth experimented with drugs as a somewhat accepted cultural norm.

So what do you think about this? Are teens allowed to experiment--or are parents not doing their job? Or is this the new norm?

Read the full report here.

NYC Dining Pages Found on Facebook!

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Since Facebook make it impossible to find the PAGES that you are looking for,, Grubstreet.com from NYMag.com has done a lot of the dirty work for us! The have a HUGE database collected of New York City restaurants. And not just the ones with the most fans like Max Brenners.
My favorite Candle Cafe is even on the list. But only 111 fans so far! Come on people join some pages and fan it up!

See the entire list from Grub Street here.

Facebook's 'Pages Search' Needs an Upgrade!

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It's like the economy. The rich guys are getting richer and the poor guys are getting poorer!

what, you ask?

Well Facebooks search function for pages! Whenever I browse or search pages, the pages with THE MOST FANS come us first. And with thousands of pages...that leaves the little guys waaaay in the back. Never to be seen or heard from. When I browse the restaurant section, I get McDonald's as one of the top three. Booooo. I don't like McDonald's and I certainly don't want to be a fan of them. Where are the good guys. The yummy spots I LOVE, but can't seem to find?

Something must be changed.

Lets fight for the little guy!!!

Ps To join my SOCIAL NETWORK NOW PAGE on Facebook.


The Lunchbox Bunch PAGE on Facebook.

and cheers to you for both.

Pay for Play? Would You Pay for Facebook?

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It is an interesting question. Would you pay to use your facebook account. Most people I think would say yes. But the question is, how much? $5 a month, $20 a year, $50 a year? A recent article stated that Facebook was in danger of losing money in the future- as users needs increase and ad money isn't pulling in the right amount of funding to service the site.

So, Would you pay? And How Much?????

A survey has been posted on this page. Take it!

New Members Scolded By Digg

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So I joined Digg. I was excited to post a few articles and videos and photos. I keep hearing about how DIGG is the best word-of-mouth Internet site. I can't believe it took me this long to join.

So I posted about 4 articles and boom! No more access today!


New users need to wait a while before posting so many stories.

...wow scolded by Digg.

Weep. Sniff. Sigh.

Maybe tomorrow they will want me and my posts back.

Feedburner 101: To Burn or Not to Burn?

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So everyone keeps telling me to transfer all my blogger feeds to feedburner. Today I did.
The process was one where I do a lot of work and in the end, wonder what it was all for.

Well you may not ever understand the value of feedburner versus your automatic feed via your blog application. But my review is that switching to feeburner IS worth is.


Well, for one thing, you used to have to pay for the service. Since being acquired by google, it is free.

Secondly, feedburner allows more people to access your feed. I could explain the nitty gritty details, but I won't. You can read all about the techie details on feedburners site.

So HOW do you get started?
First simply got to www.feedburner.com
Next, type in your blog address.
(pretty simple, eh?)
Next, follow the process through the end. Don't worry about all the text referencing the many widgets smidgets and options available to your new feed account...
(that comes later)
Once you are done, go to the My Feeds section of your account. Locate your feed and copy it, write it down, remember it.

IMPORTANT! Log into your blogger or wordpress account and locate your site feed info. You will need to RE-DIRECT your current feed to your new feedburner address.

Do this, and you are done!

There is a plethora of bells and whistles you can play with on feedburner once you have some free time.

My review: Feedburner--YES!

Import Your Blog to Facebook

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One of my favorite tricks I can do on Facebook is import my blog--automatically.

The catch is that you can only import one blog per account. So choose wisely if you are a frequent offender on blog creation, like me.

How To:
Go here: http://www.facebook.com/editnotes.php

(you should be able to find the tag that says "Import Notes"

Click there.

Then simply add your blog address and you will see all your blog posts roll in.

Extra Tip! If you post a blog that you DON'T want added to your profile page, simply beat the clock. Post the blog as you normally would on your blog account. Then quickly head over to your FB account and DELETE the note import on your profile. For the most part, you should be safe.

Happy blog importing!

"Facebook" for Kids. Really.

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A new website in the UK called School Together Now, is like Facebook for kids. Really. It allows children, parents and schools to register for their social networking site as young as age, (wait for it)....


3-7 is the youngest available bracket. Hook them while they are young right?

Says the site:

"Chat, share secrets, swap stories and hang out with friends all on Schooltogethernow.com. Our site is designed to be fun and safe to keep you returning to it and to keep mum and dad happy!"

I guess it does set a precedent for a new advertising market. Getting those pre-tweeners and even their younger siblings could mean money in the bank for the site-who says it self square ads for as little as ten euros a month. I'd wait to let the site develop before getting excited (or angry).

But hey, Facebook for kiddies, we all knew it was coming.

I'm just waiting for the Playskool Cell Phone. With babble-n-type texting and one-touch speed dial diaper changing.


Wordle: Fun Find Online

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Very cool site. Fun. If you have an artistic streak in you--and an affinity for words.....you will be in heaven.

My Social Network Now creation:


Facebook Blamed for Low Reunion Turnout

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This an interesting article about how people are deciding NOT to attend their high school and college reunions simply because they can satisfy their curiosity on facebook. Ten year reunions have been the hardest hit.

It's true. If you can view, interact and gawk at your once classmates, why show up at a live party with the in-person faces? Heck, you could save hundreds on travel reservations and dining if you simply stay online.

In fact, why not just hold an online chatroom reunion and save thousands on an actual LIVE reunion!

...I hope you can note the sarcasm in my text.

I certainly think that people can create an un-realistic online perception. And you certainly can't give someone a hug online. (Or a good snarling eye roll to that bully whose once fit physique has turned to mush.)

But do read the entire article here:

Turnout falls for 10th reunions; Facebook effect?

Here's an excerpt:

""They're just not going to their reunions as much," said Wanda Diroll, who owns Creative Reunions in Torrance, Calif., and is also president of the National Association of Reunion Managers.
Professional reunion planners aim to get 30 percent of a graduating class at the gatherings. While 20-, 40- and 50-year reunions remain popular, at least four association members have stopped planning 10-year reunions altogether, Diroll said."

Social Network Now Services for You

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So over the past year I have received a lot of inquiries from friends and associates who need help getting online and into the social networking game. But most of all, businesses have trouble maintaining their social networking. So you you need a Queen Bee to keep your networks up to date. I am your girl. Thus, I have decided to provide a few services for those of you who need some help.

I will give your business, brand or service my personal consultation so that the image you project online is the image that sells your brand well. You have complete creative control over the images, text and insights shared on your social networks. I will simply help you along and do all the "DIRTY WORK" for you. Think of me as your....

"Social Newtworking Concierge and Manager."

Here are the details:

PACKAGE 1: "The Basics" (Must have website and/or blog in tact)
-Secure accounts in the following,
-Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yelp, BlogCatalog, (all relevant SN sites)

Plus daily updates and maintenance. I will update all your social networks by checking your website and blog. If you are local, I will make monthly trips to your location. Communication on a weekly to daily basis is available via email.
Updates such as: special menus, sales, events, specials, news ect.

PACKAGE 1 "The Basics" Rate:
Weekly: *$50 flat fee + $100/week
Monthly: *no flat rate + $350/month
6 month: *no flat rate + $1,700/6 months

PACKAGE 2: "The Basics + Blog"
The same as above, plus I will assist you in setting up and blog and/or updating your blog.
Package 1 "The Basics" Rate:
Weekly: *$75 flat rate +$175/week
Monthly: *no flat rate +$500/month
6 month: *no flat rate + $2,300/ 6 month

Own a Business or Brand? Get a Page on Facebook!

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Own a business? 

Manage a brand?
Provide a service?

Yes? Keep reading.

Do you have a website? 
(if yes, good start)
Do you have a blog? 
(if yes, great start!)

Are you on facebook with a business page and group??


Let's chat.

If you are in charge of a business, a brand or even a professional service-you have got to get on facebook. It is a no brainer.

Why, you ask?

If you have a page and/or group for your service or business online for facebook you can do the following:

-update daily specials
-import notes from your business blog
-allow current and future customers to become 'a fan' of your business
-allow discussion amongst fans (moderated by you)
-update specials and provide discounts to your fb fans.
-remind your fans of menu updates, special events and news from your business
-its FREE advertising....need I say more.

Another reason to get on FB. Facebook use has increased. People are not strolling the streets checking out new businesses. People are not browsing their phonebook. People are online.

One study suggested: Workers spend up to an hour of their workday on social networking sites like facebook. And that's only while at work!

So after you have created a facebook account for yourself, as the owner of your business

create a PAGE, an AD, and even a GROUP!

...invite some friends to join, promote the pages on your business blog/website...

and watch the FANS roll in.

...and more FANS=more CUSTOMERS.

A few good examples of businesses who have Facebook pages are here:

Design Within Reach
Haagan Dazs

Are you Loopt???

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Before you get excited: Check to see if your cell phone and carrier support Loopt.

If you are one of the lucky to be able to join, check out all the fun you can have:

Connect with friends and get alerted when they are nearby
Share your location, status and photos with a few or all friends
Explore places and events recommended by friends
Control your experience anytime, anywhere


TwitterFeed How-to

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OK, so you have a Facebook account and a Twitter account and you find yourself constantly updating both statues separetely...well STOP!

...there is an easier way.

Simply install TWITTERFEED on your Facebook account and all your TWEETS will directly update your FB status. Isn't that GENIUS!?

Install TWITTERFEED here.

Twitter 101

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So you want to tweet on Twitter? Great! Twitter is a very simple and fun website that asks the question, "What are you doing right now?"

Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with contacts, follow people of interest and allow them to follow your tweets!

1. Open an account. Easy at pie.

2. Upload a small photo of your face.
It should look good at a very small thumbnail size. So just your face is best. You can also use a symbol if you want to be more discreet.

3. Customize your page.
Twitter has a few great pages to choose from. If you like to build your own--go ahead, but lets keep it simple for now.

4. Fill in your info
You know the drill, profile stats. If you have a blog or website to promote, be sure and include it in your profile for networking bliss. Also, your description about yourself should be short, catchy and fun.

5. TWEET! Type in your first tweet and watch the fun begin! Examples are:

"Mary is Starbucks, soy latte, and Xmas music"
"Mary is in a traffic jam. Boooo."
"Mary is headed to a Broadway Show. Yay!"
"Mary is writing another blog post...about apples!"
"Mary is watching a crazy movie about clowns and dragons. Jealous?"
"Mary just fell. Ouch. Darn cobblestone and heels."
"Mary is bliss."
"Mary wonders why tourists love to talk really loud."

Soon you will be adding friends to follow and tweeting back to them. Its fun and simple.

If you have a cell phone, you can even tweet from your phone.

And if you want to link Facebook updates to you Twitter status..you can! Read my post on TWITTER FEED for that....

PS...You can certainly add me as a friend here....

Facebook 101

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So you want to join facebook, but don't know the first steps to take?

Its very simple, follow these easy steps to opening your account:

1. Open a new account.
Use your real name, usable email and don't skimp on info. You can always update your privacy settings later.

2. Upload a photo of your face.
No one wants to network with a faceless friend. Upload 1-10 photos of your face. You can also include photos you like, photos with friends, photos of pets. Choose the best photos of yourself. Duh.

3. Fill in your info.
Don't feel pressure to rite your whole life story But include things like relationship status, your job, age, location. These are very normal stats that help people know you online. Again, no one wants to be friends with someone who doesn't share a little info about themselves. Also very important, add your networks. Meaning where you went to school, college, hometown, current town and places of work past in present. This will help you connect to people you know and knew!

4. Join Some Groups
Groups are a great way to express your likes while also joining communities you enjoy.

5. Become a Fan
Like the beach? Become a fan of the beach page. Like sleep? Become a fan. You can be a fan of everything from movies, celebrities, literature, consumer products, brands and even places.
Might I suggest a great group called The Lunchbox Bunch.

6. Find Your Friends
Now that you are a whole online person, you can start finding your friends. Real ones. You already know in real life. Search based on schools, colleges, workplaces and even cities. You can also find friends using your current email contacts. There is an easy box on the right side of your screen when you click on the friend finder.

7. Sit Back and View your PROFILE.
Click on PROFILE and look at yourself! Do you like what you see? If not, simply edit as you please.

8. Privacy Settings
Very important. You will want to customize your privacy settings. I don't recommend hiding EVERYTHING from non-friends. But a little discretion is a very good thing online. Also, edit the privacy settings of your photos. You can customize the setting on each album.

Questions? Search the help section. You can also always post a question in the comments section for me to respond to.